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  • May 19, 2016

Medical Documentation for OPM Disability Retirement

Medical Documentation for OPM Disability Retirement

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Medical Documentation Needed for OPM Disability Retirement

To support a claim for OPM Disability Retirement, the medical evidence must prove that the employee’s medical condition is incompatible with either useful and efficient service or retention in the position and that the condition will persist for at least 12 months. In the instruction section to the Physician Statement found in the SF-3112 Applicant’s Statement of Disability, it states:

  1. A comprehensive history of this patient’s medical condition(s). This must include detailed information regarding the symptoms and history, past and current physical findings, results of laboratory studies and therapy of this condition(s). The medical documentation must contain specific information to show why this patient is not able to perform his or her duties. The medical documentation should not be conclusory. Provide a discussion of patient compliance with therapy, response to therapy, and plans for future therapy. Also, provide copies of pertinent hospitalization summaries and operative reports.
  2. Copies of reports of all applicable diagnostic laboratory tests (e.g. hematologic, chemistry, electrophysiologic, radiologic, nuclear medicine, etc.) In the case of psychiatric disorders, provide the results of mental status examinations, personality tests, test of cognitive function, educational evaluation, neuropsychiatric tests, etc.
  3. Diagnosis of patient’s condition(s). Preferably each diagnosis should be found in the current publication “International Classification of Disease”. In the case of psychiatric disorders, diagnostic titles and codes from the DSM III(R) should be used.
  4. An assessment of the degree to which the medical condition(s) has or has not become static and an estimate of the expected date of full or partial recovery or remission.
  5. If restrictions have been placed on this patient’s activities, please state what they are, why they have been imposed, and how long you expect these to be in effect.

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