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Have you been hurt in an auto accident?  Every day accidents are caused by drivers who are inattentive, careless or even reckless.  Many accidents are caused because the at-fault driver is texting, using the cell phone, drunk or impaired by drugs.  If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, you may be able to obtain a recovery from the negligent party’s insurance carrier, or from your own insurance carrier, provided you show that the negligent party was uninsured or underinsured.  Most people, in most instances, are best served by obtaining legal representation as soon as possible after the accident has occurred.
It is no secret that insurance companies pay out larger settlements to persons represented by a personal injury lawyer than to persons who do not have a lawyer.  To secure a realistic settlement for your injuries you need a lawyer willing to prepare your case for trial.  If you have a good case, then the insurance company wants to settle, but you will only get full settlement value if the insurance company knows you’re prepared to go to trial.  If the insurance company does not believe you’re prepared to go to trial to secure your rights, then you lose what leverage you have to settle the case.
If you retain Denver lawyer Gregory Hall to represent you, his office will investigate your accident, gather important evidence, and prepare your case for trial. You may contact the Law Office of Gregory A. Hall for a free case evaluation where you can discuss the details of your situation directly with an experienced personal injury attorney.
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