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Legal Areas of Practice

Federal Workers Compensation

Attorney Gregory A. Hall has been representing federal employees since 1995. Attorney Hall represents federal employees from many states on various types of administrative and judicial claims.

Personal Injury

Denver attorney Gregory A. Hall has been representing injured persons since 1995 in state and federal court. Mr. Hall represents people injured in auto, bus, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

False Claims Act Lawyer

False Claims Act Attorney Gregory A. Hall has gained significant insight into workings of several federal government agencies, having represented many federal employees.

Employment Law

Denver Employment Attorney Gregory A. Hall represents plaintiffs who have claims against their employers for discrimination, harassment, equal pay act, overtime (FLSA), non-payment of wages, breach of contract, and wrongful discharge in violation of public policy.

Civil Rights Litigation

Discrimination or hostile work environment cases based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or retaliation. In addition to representing plaintiffs in federal court, attorney hall has represented federal employees before the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC.)

Meet Your Denver Lawyer, Gregory Hall

Denver lawyer Gregory A. Hall is a personal injury and employment lawyer licensed to practice law in Colorado. Mr. Hall handles several types of claims, including but not limited to, personal injury, employment, civil rights, whistleblower, qui tam, business litigation, discrimination, sexual harassment, insurance bad faith, OPM disability retirement, MSPB, and OWCP (federal workers’ compensation).

Mr.Hall is a solo practitioner, which means that he personally handles your case, as opposed to an associate attorney. Mr. Hall has been representing injured persons since 1996. Part of his practice concerns the representation of federal employees. He has represented plaintiffs from many states on various types of administrative and judicial claims.

In addition to representing OWCP claimants, Mr. Hall handles EEO, MSPB and OPM disability cases. He has an active state and federal court practice.

“Mr. Gregory A. Hall represented me for over ten years in a complex matter against the Office of Federal Workers Compensation. Throughout the entire OWCP compensation claim and appeals process, Mr. Hall consistently demonstrated his extraordinary competence, energy and compassion for my case. I am an attorney who was fortunate to become Greg’s client; his efforts on my behalf have exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend him.”

Marcia Hernandez, Client

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